Management Consultant

In our digital world, lines are blurring between industries and expectations and consumer behaviors are transcending; consumers expect more from their products and services. Specializing in innovation as a discipline, I am trained to spot those trends and crossing those industry lines to come up with innovative solutions. 

As a critical thinker who is fueled by competition, I love to challenge the status quo to get ahead of the curve. Going back to school after seven years in


marketing, I knew what I wanted to do with my life, and my strong determination resulted in academic achievements from world leading universities. With a foundation in the psychology of innovation and as an ambassador in the field of design thinking, I have been able to combine design engineering with traditional business theory to specialize in innovation.

Because of my extensive background in marketing, I excel at written and visual 

communication. Not only do I know how to research and develop new value, but I know how to deliver it. Experienced across international industries and having managed projects for B2B and B2C clients, I have extreme flexibility in mindset, approach and delivery.

As a partner & shareholder in Hamrén Management AB, I offer consultancy services across product development, strategy and management.