The Reuben Oliver factory is located in the heart of Lima and is home to a team of talented seamstresses and artisans. By maintaining a close relationship with our factory and the creators who work there, we can be sure that they are working in safe working conditions and that they are deeply involved in the creative process.


Reuben Oliver is a luxury knitwear brand devoted to celebrating the heritage of Peruvian artisans. Based in Lima, they want to share stories of people and places throughout Peru while sourcing sustainable fabrics. As they evolve and develop new designs, they promise vow to stay true to their core: authenticity and true craftsmanship.


When it comes to one of the world’s most polluting and exploitative industries, more and more consumers are demanding transparency. Transparency is a crucial tool in creating a more ethical and eco-conscious fashion industry and the majority of brands and retailers lack transparency on social and environmental issues. Now more than ever costumers want to know the impact that their garments have. They want to know how they're made, who made them and where they've come from. In fact, 77% of retail consumers want to know who manufactures their products... so why not show them?


Reuben Oliver is a start-up fashion brand with core values of authenticity and true craftsmenship and want to tell the stories of people and places, so how can we share them with the consumers? Digital Fingerprints is a retail experience beyond transaction that promotes transparency throughout the supply chain. Digital Fingerprints changes the

way consumers interact with fashion; connecting the world through clothing, putting the people back into products. Digital fingerprints offer end-to-end transparency to support the reinvention of the fashion industry by integrating technology with fashion. Digital fingerprints was designed for Reuben Oliver in 2019 to tell the stories of the people but the fingerprints ID technologies series can further track and 

trace products from raw-material sources such as coded yarns, poised to weave transparency and traceability into the textile supply chain. The time is now for the fashion industry to embrace innovation and digital technologies with open arms. The digital fingerprints technology series can deliver enhanced visibility and quality control throughout the supply chain by interfacing with digital technologies like blockchain.

Meet Polita: She is one of the artisans that specializes in knitwear at Reuben Oliver. Not only does she care about her craft, but also cares deeply about her friends and family who work together with her at the factory. Everyday she prepares lunch and eats it together with the entire staff.

Meet Daniel: He oversees the entire knitting production at Reuben Oliver by putting the people who work for him first and making beautiful clothing in a sustainable way. We instantly knew we wanted to work with him because he embodied all of our core values.

Meet Jorge: Reuben Oliver's knitting rockstar who loves to blast his favorite rock jams on highest volume and move his body to the beat as he's crafting with The Rolling Stones "Living in a ghost town" on repeat.